Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twitter and Me

For class today, we were instructed to use twitter as a way of quiz taking. Upon hearing these instructions, I was immediately confused. How was it possible to take a quiz using such a tool? Well, much to my surprise, it was actually pretty easy to work with and fairly easy to understand. Getting to see everyone else's input was great as well. It allowed me to see or think about other things I hadn't initially. It's certainly a unique tool to utilize for quiz taking and such.

Overall, my experience with Twitter has actually been a fairly good one. At first, I was kind of annoyed. I didn't like Twitter and had absolutely no desire to use it. As I begun to use and experiment with it, however, I realized that this is actually a great tool for communication. Though a bit grudgingly, I admit that Twitter could end up being a useful tool inside and out of the classroom.

When I think about using tools like Twitter in the classroom, I can see how it could be a positive aspect. Speaking as a future elementary school teacher though, I cannot see how Twitter could be used as a tool that utilized by the children. At this age level, the children will not be able to use such a tool. In general, though, I do think that in a higher grade level, that this could be an effective part of your curriculum.

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  1. I would have to agree with your statement about twitter not being very useful for the youngers students. And I, like you, was hesitant about using twitter. It's great that you have found some value in the use of twitter.